15-Dec-2003 - Anton Paar GmbH

New owners at Anton Paar GmbH

The shareholders of the Austrian based, family owned company Anton Paar GmbH have brought in their shares of the company into the newly founded "SANTNER PRIVATSTIFTUNG" a charitable foundation for public utility.

With this step, the owners of Anton Paar GmbH have set a clear sign to secure the long-term future of the company. The directors of the foundation are Ulrich Santner, Ms. Maria Santner und Dr. Friedrich Santner. Beneficiaries of the foundation will be research projects in the field of natural and technical Sciences as well as the prevention and therapy of addictions like drugs and alcohol.

By donating the shares of Anton Paar GmbH to the new charitable Santner Foundation the owners also wanted to show their responsibility for common good.

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