About Anton Paar

Anton Paar GmbH, founded in 1922 as a one-man locksmith‘s workshop, today is a globally active high-tech company headquartered in Graz, Austria with 29 sales and service subsidiaries worldwide. The company currently counts 2900 employees. Anton Paar develops and produces high-precision laboratory instruments as well as process measurement technology and provides custom-tailored automation and robotics solutions.

A love of research and high quality standards have made Anton Paar a world market leader in the fields of density measurement, the determination of dissolved CO2, rheometry, material characterization and the production of complex high-precision parts, e.g. for medicinal prostheses. Innovation is essential: About 20 % of the company's annual turnover is invested in Research & Development.

Anton Paar provides solutions to industries in over 110 countries. Customers include, among others, the world's largest soft drink producers, all major breweries, Formula 1, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and food producers, including chocolate manufacturers.

Anton Paar GmbH is owned by the Santner Foundation, which is exclusively and directly aimed at charitable causes.

Facts about Anton Paar
  • Founding: 1922
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Employees: 1001-5,000
  • Industry : Laboratory analysis / Laboratory measurement technology, Laboratory equipment / supplies, Process analytics / process measurement technology

Products from Anton Paar

Product portfolio

alcohol measuring instruments
cone plate rheometers
cone plate viscometers
DMA devices
dynamic shear rheometers
falling sphere viscometer
foam tester
kinematic viscometers
microwave acid digestion systems
oxidation catalysts
parallel plate rheometers
rheometer software
rolling ball rheometers
rolling ball viscometers
scratch tester
sound sensors
Stabinger viscometers
sugar analyses
sugar analyzers
torque rheometers

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