Fast Density Measurement of Challenging Samples - Even by Inexperienced Users

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Standardized sample handling with newly designed syringe holder to prevent operating errors


Bubble-free measurements thanks to automatic FillingCheck and additional camera in measuring cell


Unmatched viscosity correction that automatically compensates for density errors

Unmatched robustness and ease-of-use for your production area or QC laboratory

The compact, stand-alone DMA 501 and 1001 density meters are ideal for use in the tightest of spaces in production environments, storage facilities or laboratories, and enable fast on-site quality control (QC). Even for samples with difficult characteristics, the patented measuring technique using a newly designed oscillating U-tube delivers stable density results. Lab chemists, production staff and trainees alike will quickly become familiar with the easy-to-learn workflows and the highly intuitive user interface.

The DMA 501, with its 3-digit accuracy, is perfect for on-site measurements in manufacturing. You need an instrument that conforms to all industrial laboratory standards? Then you’ll not find a more cost-effective density meter on the market than the DMA 1001. It provides 4-digit accuracy and offers unique, time-saving one-point water adjustment at measuring temperature.

No matter whether your density measurements must conform to laboratory standards or you want to optimize your processes by performing many of your measurements directly on-site, look no further to find the right solution.

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