A Portable Density Meter for On-Site Digital Measurements to Make Life Easier

The Top 3 Advantages

Simplifies work routines: Fast, error-free, electronically traceable measurements


Saves costs: Robust and durable measuring cell, replaceable if necessary


Wastes no sample material: Only 2 milliliters needed

No need to take your sample to the lab or read results from a glass hydrometer

Whenever you want to measure the density and concentration of liquids from containers or tanks in the field, there are three options. Transport the samples back to the laboratory? Take analog measurements on site with a glass spindle and a thermometer and write down all the values manually? Or do you make life easier for yourself and measure digitally to save time and avoid trouble?

The future of on-site measurement is digital. The DMA 35 density meter lets you measure quickly at any given time – error-free, electronically traceable and with no need for an additional thermometer. It lets you replace all the glass hydrometers at your workplace, requires only 2 ml of sample volume and delivers all measured values at the touch of a button – conveniently as a printout or for export to a computer. What’s more, the robustness and durability of the DMA 35 saves you costs: an additional rubber protection keeps the measuring cell perfectly safe, even when outdoor conditions are hash. And should the cell ever get damaged, there’s no total loss to worry about. Instead of replacing the entire device, you can simply replace the cell.

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