06-Jun-2001 - Varian, Inc.

Varian, Inc.'s Prepstar™ 218 Preparative HPLC System Sets Price/Performance Mark for Drug Discovery and Development

Varian, Inc. (Nasdaq: VARI) - June 06, 2001 - today introduced the PrepStar™ 218 benchtop preparative high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) system. With a higher flow/pressure pump and enhanced control software, the system sets a new price and performance standard for pharmaceutical and bio-science labs purifying drug active ingredients for testing and trials prior to the manufacturing step.

"The PrepStar™ 218 gives Varian the most complete portfolio of preparative chromatography systems available, from a single supplier, providing customers with systems to suit any process need or budget," said Allen J. Lauer, president and CEO of Varian, Inc. "With the PrepStar 218, labs with basic purification needs now have access to superior entry-level system performance, backed by Varian's worldwide support and expertise in preparative chromatography, all at a lower price than competitive systems."

Varian, Inc's. preparative chromatography offerings include flash chromatography for the rapid purification of small amounts of compounds; analytical/preparative HPLC systems used throughout the drug discovery and development process; preparative systems for recovering compounds for testing/trials; and process systems used to recover compounds in large volumes for pharmaceutical production. All Varian systems are based on the same control software platform, making scale-up from the laboratory bench to production a seamless and predictable process, and helping speed new pharmaceuticals to market.

Unmatched in class and performance, the PrepStar 218 system combines capabilities of the 218 pump, LC ReSponderª control software and the new PrepStar™ 530 fluidics module. The new 218 pump features dramatically improved scale-up capability with flow and pressure performance that permits flow rates of up to 200 mL/minute at 4000 psi enabling greater flexibility in column/sorbent selection for truly high performance purifications.

The 218 pump can be controlled with the Star® Workstation software for analytical and basic preparative HPLC applications, or with the new LC ReSponder process control software which enables the use of the PrepStar 530 fluidics module, for greater integrated fluid management control, such as sample injection, gradient formation and fractionation/collection. These features enable the user to deal with the purification operation in a more process-like format.

Additionally, LC Responder software is designed to meet the rigors of FDA validation with operator security as well as the security of process records as standard features. System-specific validation protocols are available. The enhanced software option provides the user with a seamless and easy scale-up, from the bench straight through to the production level, with the same software platform being used on increasingly larger systems as the process scales-up.

The new PrepStar 530 fluidics module gives users increased control of the process stream from solvent selection through fraction collection. The system can be customized to accommodate various application requirements.

The complete PrepStar™ 218 system and the 218 pump alone will be available for shipment in early July 2001.

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