Sigma-Aldrich Fine Chemicals Launches Core Products to Provide Customers with Fine Chemicals for Full-Scale Reliability


Sigma-Aldrich fine chemicals, a division of Sigma-Aldrich Corporation (Nasdaq:SIAL), has launched Core Products, an exciting new program for development and manufacturing customers. The Core Products program provides the highest quality and service along with competitive prices for products Sigma-Aldrich Fine Chemicals' customers most frequently request in large scale.

The initial launch includes 180 organic, biochemical and inorganic products. All Core Products are in stock and packaged in convenient, large-scale Redi-packs(TM) to provide reliable supply and fast delivery. In addition, Core Products are rigorously tested in-house to ensure lot-to-lot consistency and the highest quality for customers.

"Reliable supply, superior quality, competitive pricing and fast delivery are the most important issues for our manufacturing customers", said Dr. Jai Nagarkatti, President, Sigma-Aldrich Fine Chemicals. "To become 'Best-in-Class' for the Core Products and ensure that customers' needs are met, we reviewed all of our internal systems starting from raw material procurement and optimizing our manufacturing processes, to forecasting demand, defining safety stocks and global warehousing. This model will be expanded to more products as we move forward," Nagarkatti added.

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