Cleaner Dow Catalysts Deliver Significant Benefits


The new DOWEX* strong acid catalysts for phenol alkylation, Esterification, de-esterification, and the production of MTBE/TAME and Bis phenol A, are now the cleanest in the industry, delivering significant benefits for industrial customers. Building on state-of-the-art washing technology, The Dow Chemical Company developed a proprietary procedure that increases catalyst washing efficiency by approximately 50 percent.

The innovative technology, based on proven scientific principles, enables cleaner catalysts and marked improvements in system efficiency and predictability. Cleaner catalysts translate into reduced acid and color throw from the catalyst to the product, resulting in fewer downstream complications and a greater likelihood of trouble-free system operation.

Uniform Particle Size

DOWEX MONOSPHERE catalysts are made by a patented process that results in excellent uniformity of bead size, equating the diffusional distances of products and reactants. Dow eliminated the small beads that cause undue pressure drop as well as the "dead zones" from the larger beads, resulting in as much as a 15 percent improvement in productivity for kinetically limited reactions.

The Top Performer

The DOWEX MONOSPHERE M-31 strong acid catalyst for the MTBE/TAME manufacturing industry is now the top performing catalyst in its class. Its Strong Acid Capacity (SAC) has been increased by 12 percent, making it the only "hyper-sulfonated," uniform particle, polymeric strong acid catalyst commercially available for the motor fuel oxygenate industry.

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