26-Aug-2004 - Sartorius AG

Alfa Laval and Sartorius extend alliance in beer filtration

Alfa Laval has extended its alliance with the the German-based Sartorius Group.

Alfa Laval receives the exclusive right to sell Sartorius' membranes and membrane systems for crossflow filtration and sterile filtration of beer as well as dead end filtration in breweries. Sartorius will exclusively supply the membrane filter elements and transfer its know-how for the design and production of complete membrane filter systems as well as its key engineering and sales personnel in the largest markets like China and Japan to Alfa Laval.

Until now, kieselguhr has been the established method for filtration or clarification of beer. Kieselguhr, also known as diatomaceous earth, is a filter aid that has known problems, for instance, kieselguhr has a negative impact on the environment and can cause health hazards and entails waste disposal difficulties.

The new crossflow system, specially designed for beer filtration, eliminates the problems associated with diatomaceous earth. Instead, the crossflow system uses porous membranes produced by Sartorius instead. This system also ensures continuous and efficient operation, excellent beer quality and minimum product loss.

Cold sterilization is a membrane-based filtration method for sterilizing beer without any heat impact. This method results in a high final product quality and in significant energy savings. The technology has already enjoyed major success in Asia, particularly in China and Japan.

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