ATOFINA Becancour to become one of the largest hydrogen peroxide production sites in the world


ATOFINA, the chemicals branch of TotalFinaElf, is to increase its hydrogen peroxide production capacity by over 50% at its Becancour (Quebec) plant, from 73 ktpa to 110 ktpa.

Following this investment of some US$20 million, Becancour will become one of the world's largest Hydrogen peroxide plants by 2004.

The site enjoys an excellent geographical location with regard to its markets as well as particularly favourable energy supply conditions.

This increased capacity will enable ATOFINA to meet increasing market needs in North America and to reinforce its global standing in this activity.

This new development will fulfil environmental requirements and be based on a partnership with the local community.

ATOFINA also produces Hydrogen peroxide in other parts of the world: Memphis (Tennessee, USA), Jarrie (Isère, France), Leuna (Germany), Tomakomai (Japan) and Shanghai (China).

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