21-Aug-2001 - MWG Biotech AG

MWG-Biotech - Pan® Oligo Sets to make your own DNA chip

Pan® Oligo Sets is the brand name for MWG-Biotech’s new oligonucleotide sets that enable customers to produce their own oligonucleotide microarrays (DNA chips). The sets are based on the competence and the success of MWG-Biotech’s Pan® Array series of catalogue DNA chips and on the high quality of the company’s proprietary HPSF® oligonucleotide technology.

The sets contain all nucleotides needed for spotting on a glass slide, together with MWG-Biotech’s buffer solutions and protocol. If required, the company will also aliquot (portion) to customer specification. The service package portfolio is further complemented by an offer of process optimized glass slides, as well as by MWG-Biotech’s arrayer and scanner series.

Pan® Oligo sets are available for yeast, E.coli, rat and the human genome. An individual set will produce between 1.000 and 4.000 DNA chips. To familiarize customers with the spotting technology MWG-Biotech offers so-called Pan® Oligo test sets priced at € 500 with 96 oligonucleotides.

Test sets are available for yeast, E. coli, rat and the human genome. In October a test set for mouse will be added. These sets, too, will produce up to 4.000 slides each. Of course, MWG-Biotech will continue to offer all catalogue arrays of the Pan® Array series, completely spotted for hybridization, as well as arrays made to customer specification.

Downloads of all production protocols as well as further information on MWG-Biotech’s product range will be made available on the company’s website at www.mwg-biotech.com.

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