05-Sep-2001 - PerkinElmer, Inc.

Next-Generation PYRIS Software Increases Laboratory Productivity

SHELTON, Conn., September 4, 2001 --- The new PYRIS™ Software Version 4.0 that offers expanded functionality for thermal analysis and increases laboratory productivity, is being introduced by PerkinElmer Instruments. The PYRIS Software is the engine behind all PerkinElmer thermal analysis techniques. It helps users in both research and quality control to comply with regulatory requirements. Innovative features combine the power of the Windows 2000® operating system with each laboratory’s network to make the PYRIS Software an essential component of the thermal analysis process. Methods Plus saves time by triggering system events based on the behavior of monitored signals before run starts and during any method step. To ensure that laboratories meet 21 CFR Part 11 rules, Event Log records all analysis activity, including configuration changes, calibrations, and instrument errors, creating a time-stamped audit trail, and the Secure Save feature saves files to a read-only directory - altered files cannot be resaved to the secure directory. Calibration Wizard offers flexible control with EZ Cal, which provides fast calibration with minimal user interaction based on a predefined standard set, and Advanced Cal that allows calibration using multiple standards. In addition to offering two levels of control, Calibration Wizard also utilizes Autotune, which allows automatic baseline optimization.

Other advantages of the PYRIS Software Version 4.0 include PYRIS Player Automation, which improves laboratory efficiency by controlling autosamplers with automatic data analysis. The Multi-Tasking feature enables users to run up to eight instruments simultaneously, and Remote Monitor Control increases ease-of-use by providing access to laboratory information from an external location.

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