14-Jun-2005 - National Starch and Chemical Company

National Starch, Quest International Contribute $500,000 to Monell Chemical Senses Center

National Starch and Chemical Company and Quest International have contributed $500,000 to help fund a $10.8 million expansion of the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia. The contributions from Quest and National Starch, member companies of the ICI Group, will be spread over the next five years and will help finance Monell's facilities and its program expansion campaign. Monell recently opened newly constructed molecular biology, genomics and proteomics laboratories and is renovating the second floor of an adjoining building to create a 17,000-square-foot area devoted to human chemosensory research. "National Starch is delighted to make this contribution in support of these expansions at Monell and the exciting research the organization is doing in chemosensory science. Sensory perception is critical to a broad range of National's products, and we look forward to forging a close relationship with Monell that will provide important research opportunities," said Bill Powell, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, National Starch and Chemical Company.

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