11-Aug-2005 - Wacker Chemie AG

WACKER SILICONES raises prices for silicone release coatings

WACKER will implement a price increase of 3 to 5 percent on its DEHESIVE® release coatings effective September 1, 2005. This will enable WACKER SILICONES to continue offering excellent product quality in combination with dedicated technical service, reliable supply, and innovative technical solutions to customers in the paper and film coating industry.

WACKER SILICONES is constantly striving to improve its excellent product and service offerings provided to its DEHESIVE® release coating customers. Even in the face of significant cost increases for energy, transportation, packaging and raw materials - most notably for platinum metal, silicon metal and methanol - WACKER SILICONES will continue to work towards offsetting increasing silicone prices by implementing cost-efficient solutions. Among them are, in particular, new product developments for high-speed coating, low platinum systems for optimized cost control and solutions for film coating.

The price adjustment is necessary in order to maintain WACKER SILICONES product and service excellence and to ensure continuing improvements in the extent and quality of the offerings to its paper and film coating customers.

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