5th US Patent Granted: Monodispersed porous silicon particles


pSivida Limited announced that it has been granted a 5th patent in the important US market. US Patent Number 6,929,950 provides for the classification of porous silicon into monodispersed particles with a tight size distribution. The classification into defined size distributions is a key attribute of many micro-engineered particle products.

This patent provides an important manufacturing aspect to the pSivida portfolio as it covers additional dimensions in the formulation of drug delivery products. The successful manufacture of 'monodisperse' systems not only enables improved control and flexibility in drug delivery to patients but it also makes the regulatory registration process simpler as the product offers better definition and less variability.

The accurate definition of BioSilicon(tm) particle size and distribution is also important for achieving better control of biodegradation, a key property of this biomaterial. This in turn offers a greater diversity and flexibility in the formulation of products from this technology platform. This is important because improved flexibility in manufacture provides greater commercial opportunity for the formulation and delivery of drugs with different characteristics. The variety of pharmaceuticals in the market requires drug delivery systems to effectively 'handle' drugs as diverse as proteins, peptides, antibodies, DNA as well as the traditional small chemical entities that make up most of the products of the pharmaceutical industry.

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