Cefic Comments Competitiveness Council Meeting on REACH

Cefic, the European Chemical Industry Council, sees the political agreement reached at the EU Competitiveness Council in Brussels on REACH as another step forward in the process leading to workable and effective legislation. Cefic welcomes the decision to review granted authorisation on a regular basis versus the time-limited authorisation as recently voted by the EU Parliament. Furthermore, the chemical industry acknowledges that substitution will not be introduced as a mandatory procedure. The fact that the industry permanently develops new substances will be taken into account. This will require further detailed information on these new substances. The chemical industry also welcomes the commitment taken by the EU Commission to develop clear criteria and guidance for the Authorisation procedure, which should basically reflect the principle of "adequate control" in the respective annexes of the REACH proposal. It also acknowledges the various critical remarks of some member states which called for further clarity in the authorisation process. Overall, the UK Presidency compromise package seems to be well balanced, though particular attention will be required when fine-tuning the authorisation process and requirements at a later stage. The chemical industry will continue to contribute to the process in the 2nd reading phase to achieve good working legislation assuring the protection of health and the environment while maintaining the competitiveness of the industry.

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