02-Jan-2006 - Lyondell Chemical Company

Lyondell Announces Price Increases for Titanium Dioxide Products

Lyondell Chemical Company increased its prices for all rutile and anatase Tiona(R) titanium dioxide (TiO2) products sold to all end-use markets worldwide, effective January 1, 2006, or as contracts allow. Millennium Inorganic Chemicals Inc., a Lyondell company, will increase its TiO2 prices as follows:

In North America, prices will increase by US $0.06 per pound in the United States and Mexico and by C $0.07 per pound in Canada.

In Europe, prices will increase by euro 150 per metric ton.

In the Middle East and Africa, prices will increase by US $200 per metric ton.

In the Caribbean, Central and South America, prices will increase by US $100 per metric ton.

In Asia Pacific, except Australia & Japan, prices will increase by US $150 per metric ton.

In Japan, prices will increase by 20 yen per KG.

In Australia, prices will increase by A $100 per metric ton.

These increases are in addition to our previously announced October increases.

Tiona is a registered trademark of Millennium Chemicals, a Lyondell company.

SOURCE: Lyondell Chemical Company; Millennium Chemicals Inc.

CONTACT: Amy Drusano of Millennium Chemicals Inc., +1-410-229-8062, or amy.drusano@millenniumchem.com

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