New brochure, new Internet pages: "PURe Partnership"

Overview of applications and technical properties


BASF's product offer for the polyurethane (PUR) industry is outlined in the new "PURe Partnership" brochure just published by the intermediates operating division. In the brochure, which is available in German and in English, the Intermediates division presents individual products and explains their role in PUR production. The publication is arranged by the four product groups "catalysts", "polyols", "additives", and "solvents". The same information has now been adapted for the web and posted on the Internet with an option to download the new brochure.

BASF's globally unique portfolio of chemical intermediates includes a range of high-performance catalysts, polyols, additives and solvents used in the manufacture of PUR, an incredibly versatile material. In addition to a high level of supplier reliability through backward integration and global expertise in PUR, BASF offers local presence and extensive customer service. BASF also provides wide-ranging support in the development of innovative products and processes as well as a range of services, from application to sustainability issues.

Hard and semi-hard PUR foams are used for insulation, dashboards and insulating board. Soft foam is used for upholstering car seats, furniture and mattresses. PUR is also used in the soles of shoes and for energy absorbing systems in the automotive industry.

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