06-Nov-2001 - Varian, Inc.

Varian, Inc. Capillary Columns with EZ-GRIP™ Simplify GC Column Installation and Operation

New Varian, Inc. Chrompack Capillary Columns with EZ-GRIP™ can boost laboratory productivity by providing simple, error-free installation and operation of single and dual GC columns. Depending on the application and operator experience, the patent-pending columns can reduce installation time by as much as 90 percent over standard columns. Because proper column installation is ensured with EZ-GRIP, GC system performance is maximized. The columns will help improve the productivity of any GC application in research, routine, contract and environmental laboratories.

The EZ-GRIP columns are outfitted with a toolbar that uses a series of tabs to hold column elements during installation. These tabs simplify pre-column/retention gap and dual- column installation and ensure secure, error-free connection of single ferrule connectors. The tabs also help identify column inlet and outlet ends for proper installation.

EZ-GRIP is standard on Chrompack CP-Sil 5, 8 and 24 CB Low Bleed/MS columns. It will be incorporated on all Varian, Inc. Chrompack Capillary Columns in 2001. For additional information or literature, contact: Varian, Inc. Marketing Department 2700 Mitchell Drive Walnut Creek, CA 94598

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