31-Jan-2007 - Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Offers Unique LC-MS/MS Offering with Cohesive Technologies Acquisition

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. announced the acquisition of Cohesive Technologies Inc, a manufacturer of advanced sample extraction and high performance liquid chromatography products. The newly acquired technology shall enhance the existing Thermo Scientific liquid chromatography (LC) and mass spectrometry (MS) product portfolio by minimizing sample preparation in LC, especially for drug discovery, drug development and clinical research applications. According to the company, this unique solution allows scientists to reduce matrix effects during pre-clinical bioanalysis, making it easier to comply with the FDA/CDER Bioanalytical Method Validation Guidance that states that "In the case of LC-MS-MS-based procedures, appropriate steps should be taken to ensure the lack of matrix effects throughout the application of the method, especially if the nature of the matrix changes from the matrix used during method validation."

The technology works by retaining small molecules, filtering out proteins and larger materials by diffusion, size exclusion and column chemistry. This enables users to directly inject biological samples into the LC-MS/MS system prior to analysis, a significant advantage in pre-clinical bioanalysis, where extensive sample preparation is too time-consuming due to the high sample loads.

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