13-Apr-2007 - Mudlogging Systems Inc.

Aspectrics Announces Collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific

Aspectrics, Inc. has entered into an exclusive agreement with Thermo Fisher Scientific to seamlessly integrate Thermo Scientific GRAMS spectroscopy software with Aspectrics' Encoded Photometric Near Infrared (EP-NIR) process analyzers.

Jim Yano, vice president of marketing for Aspectrics comments: "Our collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific demonstrates Aspectrics' commitment to customer satisfaction and development within the global market. With Thermo Fisher Scientific's rich heritage in spectroscopy software and Aspectrics' groundbreaking EP-NIR technology, this combination will result in a complete real-time process analyzer solution that will enable our customers to achieve faster and more reliable analyses."

Aspectrics' EP-NIR analyzers offer a more efficient alternative to traditional NIR systems, with a spectral range extending further than the common 2100nm and achieving a range of 1375-2750nm. The patented Encoder Disk technology provides ultra fast sampling capability (100 Hz) for multi component analysis in a process rugged design to meet the demand for the process monitoring industry.

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