20-Aug-2007 - National Starch and Chemical Company

National Starch Launches Program to Reduce Impact of High Milk Prices on Dairy and Other Food Products

National Starch Food Innovation has launched an initiative to assist manufacturers of dairy products and other foods as they look to combat the dramatic rise in the cost of milk that has sent prices for milk ingredients skyrocketing in recent months. The initiative uses proven specialty starch technology that can partially or completely replace milk ingredients in food formulations, while maintaining sensory and functional characteristics.

According to Jutta Schock, Marketing Manager at National Starch Food Innovation, the technology that forms the foundation of this new initiative has been developed by the company in regions where milk prices are traditionally quite high or where replacing milk was desired to meet marketing objectives "National Starch has been a leader in fat replacement and, specifically, milk fat replacement technology for nearly thirty years. We have used this technology and our formulating expertise to help food companies successfully commercialize dozens of products in Northern Africa, Asia and Europe," she said. "This technology is proven. Reducing product costs by replacing milk ingredients with specialty starches is something the food industry can accomplish right now," she added.

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