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Shell Selects Ilika for Joint Development Project in Hydrogen Storage


Shell Hydrogen B.V., a division of the Shell Group has entered into a joint development project with Ilika Technologies Ltd, the materials discovery company, to develop materials suitable for the solid-state storage of hydrogen.

One of the key barriers to the adoption of hydrogen as a fuel is finding safe and economical solutions for onboard and stationary storage. While cryogenic storage and the use of compressed gas cylinders have been used in pilot projects, a safer and more efficient method could use solid-state storage methods involving the combination of metal alloys with hydrogen, which can reversibly combine with, and release, hydrogen.

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    Ilika Technologies Ltd

    Ilika specialises in the development and application of high-throughput, combinatorial R&D techniques for the accelerated discovery of new materials. In particular, Ilika has the capability of creating, as well as characterising, vast numbers of inorganic materials deposited using either ph ... more

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