15-Nov-2007 - Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Extends Informatics Offering into Venezuela and the Caribbean Signs Agreement with Controval

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. has signed an agreement with Caracas-based Controval, C.A. to operate an authorized sales center for Thermo Scientific informatics solutions in Venezuela and the Caribbean. Under the terms of the partnership, Controval will be providing professional sales services to local customers in a number of industries, which Thermo Fisher has long served, including Pdvsa Oil and Gas and Pdvsa Refinery, Intevep Pdvsa, Pequiven, Cvg Fmo; Sidor; Venalum and Biotech.

Controval will be promoting the complete range of Thermo Scientific informatics solutions including Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), Chromatography Data Systems (CDS), pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic and spectroscopy software and spectral libraries. The collaboration will be extended at a later date to supplement the sales activities by offering after-sales support and technical consultation services.

Oliver Faidi Cortés, director of Latin America and Caribbean sales for informatics at Thermo Fisher Scientific, explains: "This new partnership underscores our commitment to our customers based in Latin America and the Caribbean. Controval serves the Venezuelan market providing them with integral solutions in instrumentation and industrial automation. The company holds a deep knowledge of the requirements of the industry with regards to new technology. Furthermore, Controval has an established sales organization consisting of seven sites spread throughout Venezuela and has been a long-term distributor of Thermo Scientific process instruments. This pedigree makes Controval an ideal partner capable of extending our presence to this vital region."

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