Ticona Introduces New PPS Grades

Up to Ten Times the Thermal Conductivity of Standard Filled PPS


icona has introduced four Fortron® polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) grades with up to ten times the thermal conductivity of standard, filled PPS grades for use where heat dissipation and other thermal management issues are important. These resins have thermal conductivities ranging from about 1.1 to 3.0 W/mK and are available in grades for electrically insulated and thermally conductive applications.

The new PPS line provides an optimum combination of cost, performance and thermal conductivity. Although the resins have lower thermal conductivity than metal, designers can use them for essential heat dissipation while retaining many of the traditional benefits of PPS. These benefits include chemical resistance, design freedom and dimensional stability, as well as possibilities for part consolidation and weight reduction.

The new Fortron resins can be used in many industries in several potential applications such as heat sinks, heat pipes, pumps, tubing, electronic interfaces and power supply units. Their typical end uses include high-intensity light fixtures, transformer thermal emission bases in power integrated circuits and optical pick-up bases.

Fortron PPS is a linear material that, when compared to highly branched PPS products, offers greater strength and toughness for more versatility in part design and assembly, as well as better end-use performance.

For information on thermally conductive grades of Fortron® PPS, contact Ed Hallahan, Ticona, Summit, NJ, phone +1-908-598-4209. Or contact Gerhard Reuschel, Ticona, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, phone +49-69-305-81083. Or visit www.ticona.com.

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