Rhodia starts using the On-Line Elemica - Transwide logistics execution solution in Europe

Paris, March 21, 2002 - Rhodia, one of the world's leaders in specialty chemicals, signed with Elemica - Transwide to implement a solution to connect electronically with its logistics providers. The solution will enable Rhodia to provide best-in-class fulfillment information to its end customers. Currently Rhodia has a variety of communication channels with its logistics providers. The project creates a standard electronic platform for information to and from logistics partners and with Rhodia's customers. First projects started with Rhodia Intermediates, on the Roussillon factory in France, for phenol and acetone, with two logistics partners, GCA Trans and EB Trans. They will demonstrate the best value in term of enrolment costs, implementation speed and enhanced services. The aim is to then roll out the solution to Rhodia's 250,0000 yearly transport instructions, over 100 logistics partners and over 70 European sites. For Xavier Eydoux, head of Logistics Purchasing at Rhodia, "our customers increasingly won't accept anything but real-time information on their shipments. The functionality proposed by Elemica - Transwide should enable us to reach high visibility standards on our fulfillment services. The automation of our processes with the carriers is part of our program to reduce logistics costs and sustain the high performance levels." Daniel Humbert, President of the Enterprise Rhodia Intermediates, adds that "with this electronic platform, our Logistic Department will be informed in real-time via the carriers of the exact delivery time of our product. Our customers will take advantage of this solution to better monitor our deliveries accuracy. Supply chain management will thus be improved, on Rhodia's side as well as on our customers' side." For Jean-Christophe Pic, President GCA Trans, "we are pleased that Rhodia, a key customer for us, is moving forward quickly with Transwide - Elemica. The platform will enable us to communicate more effectively with Rhodia on the status of our transportation services. As service providers, we are constantly seeking innovative solutions to better service our key customers. Rhodia proves to be at the forefront of implementing solutions which will help us to work better together." For Jean-Christophe Vianey, EB Trans Managing Director for Chemicals, "Historically, EB Trans developed and maintained new EDI connectivity solutions for each shipper customer. Thanks to the Elemica - Transwide solution, we now leverage our existing systems and developments to connect to a variety of customers."

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