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Developing microbial cell factories by employing synthetic small RNAs


The current systems for the production of chemicals, fuels and materials heavily rely on the use of fossil resources. Due to the increasing concerns on climate change and other environmental problems, however, there has been much interest in developing biorefineries for the production of such ...


On-off temperature sensing with graphene oxide


Researchers in Korea have developed a new temperature sensing platform based on graphene oxide (GO). The sensor uses GO’s functionality as an efficient Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET) acceptor to deliver a fast optical on-off signal in response to temperature change. Research describes ...


Highly efficient production of advanced biofuel by metabolically engineered microorganism

Combining systems metabolic engineering and downstream process, production of butanol could be dramatically increased


Fuels including gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel are derived from fossil oil thorough the petroleum refinery processes. Increased concerns over environmental problems and limited fossil resources drive scientists and researchers to turn their attention to developing fossil-free, bio-based processes ...


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A KAIST research team has developed a high performance flexible solid state battery


The team of Professor Keon Jae Lee from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, KAIST has developed a high performance flexible all-solid-state battery, an essential energy source for flexible displays. The technological advance of thin and light flexible display has encouraged the ...


Production of chemicals without petroleum

Systems metabolic engineering of microorganisms allows efficient production of natural and non-natural chemicals from renewable non-food biomass


In our everyday life, we use gasoline, diesel, plastics, rubbers, and numerous chemicals that are derived from fossil oil through petrochemical refinery processes. However, this is not sustainable due to the limited nature of fossil resources. Furthermore, our world is facing problems associated ...


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High-resolution atomic imaging of specimens in liquid by TEM using graphene liquid cell

Looking into specimens on an atomic level in liquids, and understanding atomic processes so far regarded impossible


The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) announced that a research team from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering has developed a technology that enables scientists and engineers to observe processes occurring in liquid media on the smallest possible scale ...


Bioengineers Succeed in Producing Plastic Without the use of Fossil Fuels


A team of pioneering South Korean scientists have succeeded in producing the polymers used for everyday plastics through bioengineering, rather than through the use of fossil fuel based chemicals. This groundbreaking research, which may now allow for the production of environmentally conscious ...


Pioneering research succeeds in producing industrially vital chemical through engineered bacteria

Metabolic engineering could herald the end of fossil fuels in industrial chemical production


A team of South Korean scientists have succeeded in engineering the bacterium E. coli to produce the industrial chemical putrescine. The research, published in the journal Biotechnology and Bioengineering, provides a renewable alternative to the production of this important chemical which is ...


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Controlling zeolite morphologies


Scientists in Korea control the morphology of zeolites using a structure-directing agent, leading to further understanding of the mechanism involved. Zeolites are widely used as catalysts and absorbents due to their crystalline microporous structures. The aluminosilicate structures can be ...


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