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Using machine learning to improve the toxicity assessment of chemicals

Chemists take a new approach to testing chemicals


Researchers of the University of Amsterdam, together with colleagues at the University of Queensland and the Norwegian Institute for Water Research, have developed a strategy for assessing the toxicity of chemicals using machine learning. They present their approach in an article in Environmental ...


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Floppy or not: AI predicts properties of complex metamaterials

Even when given only a relatively small set of examples to learn from


Given a 3D piece of origami, can you flatten it without damaging it? Just by looking at the design, the answer is hard to predict, because each and every fold in the design has to be compatible with flattening. This is an example of a combinatorial problem. New research led by the UvA Institute ...


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Using ions to find molecules

Physicists use a single trapped ion to detect ultracold molecules


When we think of ions, we usually think of single atoms that have lost or gained some electrons, but entire molecules can also become ions. In a new publication that was highlighted as an Editor’s Suggestion in Physical Review Letters, physicists from the University of Amsterdam, QuSoft and Stony ...


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Scientists develop fully solar-driven autonomous chemical mini-plant

Production of fine chemicals in remote locations on Earth, and possibly even on Mars - also facade could make chemicals


Professor Timothy Noël and co-workers in the Flow Chemistry group of the University of Amsterdam's Van 't Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences have developed a fully operational standalone solar-powered mini-reactor which offers the potential for the production of fine chemicals in remote ...


Playing with Light and Color

Assemblies of blue-green iridium and red europium complexes undergo energy transfer and emit white light


Complexes of the rare earth element (lanthanide) europium have the ability to emit red light over a longer time span after excitation by, for example, light of a suitable wavelength or the energy of a prior redox reaction. This luminescence makes them interesting candidates for applications ...


Tungsten makes it happen

Saving energy in one of the most important chemical processes.


Alkenes, such as ethylene and propylene, are important starting materials for chemical industry. One of the technical processes for the manufacture of alkenes is the catalytic dehydration of the corresponding alkanes. This process could be made much more profitable if a new formulation, developed ...


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