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Light-Emitting Diodes for Night-Vision Displays

Redder than Red: Porphyrin complex used as doping agent in highly efficient infrared-light-emitting diodes


More and more, conventional inorganic semiconductor electronics are being complemented with organic components. For example, flexible displays, large illuminated displays, or flat-panel displays can be made from organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs). Whereas research into OLEDs has thus far ...


Neural networking nanotubes

Bridging neurons and electronics with carbon nanotubes


New implantable biomedical devices that can act as artificial nerve cells, control severe pain, or allow otherwise paralyzed muscles to be moved might one day be possible thanks to developments in materials science. Nicholas Kotov of the University of Michigan, USA, and colleagues describe how ...


Researchers get their teeth into artificial dental enamel

A natural fix to avoid metal fillings


An international team of researchers have finally got their teeth into making artificial dental enamel. Their work, published in the journal Advanced Materials, could lead to new tough coatings for engineering applications as well as the possibility of a natural fix for broken or rotten teeth ...



Winzige Goldkügelchen mit einer Korona aus Halbleiternanopartikeln zeigen temperaturabhängiges Leuchten


Klein, kleiner, nano - nanoskopische Teilchen, die sich zu kontrollierten Überstrukturen arrangieren lassen, sind der Stoff, aus dem sich zukünftige "intelligente" Materialien mit neuen Funktionalitäten herstellen lassen könnten. Amerikanische Forscher von der University of Michigan und der Ohio ...



Tiny gold spheres with a corona of semiconductor nanoparticles show temperature-dependent glow


Small, smaller, nano-nanoscopic particles that can be arranged into controlled superstructures are the stuff from which future "intelligent" materials with new functions could be made. American researchers at the University of Michigan and Ohio University have now developed a "nanothermometer" ...


Removing nitrogen compounds from diesel by adsorption onto copper-containing zeolites


The sulfur and nitrogen compounds found in fuels cause environmentally harmful sulfur and nitrogen oxides to be released on combustion. It is thus becoming more and more important that gasoline, diesel, and kerosene be as free of these materials as possible. Researchers at the University of ...


International team of nanotechnology investigators devise a new way to control the motion of tiny particles


Nanotechnology researchers may soon be able to design new types of tiny shuttles or conveyor belts which could be used to deliver medications to specific cells or to replace wires in molecular-sized electronic devices. An international team of investigators, including a physicist from the ...


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