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Sugar + weed killer = potential clean energy source

A spoonful of herbicide helps the sugar break down in a most delightful way.


Researchers at Brigham Young University have developed a fuel cell – basically a battery with a gas tank – that harvests electricity from glucose and other sugars known as carbohydrates. The human body's preferred energy source could someday power our gadgets, cars or homes. "Carbohydrates are ...


VTT launches large European cooperation project for developing manufacturing method for biofuel

Raw-material for liquid biofuel from agricultural and forestry waste


VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has started a large European project, combining the forces of European research institutes and companies for developing the next generation of biofuel. The NEMO project, which has received funding of EUR 5.9 million from the EU, is aimed at developing ...


Biomass the new petroleum?


Biomass-derived carbohydrates convert to alkenes using a one-pot technique that could lead to biomass refinery processes, say scientists in the US. Alkenes are extensively used in industry, but at present they are derived almost exclusively from petroleum resources. The petrochemical industry ...


New uses for imidazolium salts in medicine and alternative energy

Powerful antioxidant properties to fight diseases, efficient catalyst for converting biofuels


Scientists at Singapore's Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (IBN) have uncovered new properties of imidazolium salts (IMSs), which suggest that they could play a vital role in disease prevention and treatment. The report on the redox properties of IMSs was published in the Journal of ...


New process derives 'green gasoline' from plant sugars


Alternative energy doesn't always mean solar or wind power. In fact, the alternative fuels developed by University of Wisconsin-Madison chemical and biological engineering professor James Dumesic look a lot like the gasoline and diesel fuel used in vehicles today. That's because the new fuels are ...


Monash team learns from nature to split water


An international team of researchers led by Monash University has used chemicals found in plants to replicate a key process in photosynthesis paving the way to a new approach that uses sunlight to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. Professor Leone Spiccia, Mr Robin Brimblecombe and Dr ...


BASF starts up own enzyme production


BASF manufactures enzyme supplements for poultry and pig feed at a production plant of its own at the company's Ludwigshafen site. Operations started earlier this year. "BASF now has exclusive rights to produce and sell the enzyme phy-tase under the trade name Natuphos® following the termination ...


Microbial fuel cell: High yield hydrogen source and wastewater cleaner


Using a new electrically-assisted microbial fuel cell (MFC) that does not require oxygen, Penn State environmental engineers and a scientist at Ion Power Inc. have developed the first process that enables bacteria to coax four times as much hydrogen directly out of biomass than can be generated ...


A new process for the production of hydrogen with a low carbon monoxide content


Fuel cells are on their way. But their use for apllications such as in vehicles will only become widespread when the expensive process of "refueling" with hydrogen can be made unnecessary. Transportable hydrogen sources are thus under investigation. The problem with this is that hydrogen ...


Lilly Receives Prestigious Award for Pioneering a Therapeutic Breakthrough with Xigris


Thursday, March 14, 2002 Eli Lilly and Company today received the Translational Medicine Award, which is co-sponsored by the University of California, the San Diego (UCSD) Institute of Molecular Medicine, The Salk Institute of Biological Studies and the journal Nature Medicine. The award was ...


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