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Researchers list '7 chemical separations to change the world'


Thermally-based industrial chemical separation processes such as distillation now account for 10 to 15 percent of the world's annual energy use. Slaking the global thirst for energy could therefore get a substantial boost from improved technologies for producing fuels, plastics, food and other ...


Metals and minerals from waste


Scarcity of clean water is one of the most serious global challenges. In its spearhead programme, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland developed energy-efficient methods for reuse of water in industrial processes and means for recovering valuable minerals and materials from waste for ...


Lewabrane elements for water treatment at power plant in Chemnitz

First large-scale use of LANXESS’ membrane technology in Europe


For the first time in Europe, LANXESS’ fouling-resistant membrane technology is being used on a large scale at the Dammweg thermal power station in Chemnitz, Germany. A set of 60 Lewabrane RO B400 FR filter elements apply a reverse osmosis process to cleanse 50 to 60 cubic meters of pre-treated ...


Potato-powered micromotors


A team of scientists from the United States and China have found a natural power source for self-propelling micromotors, using enzyme rich potato tissue. Potatoes are rich in catalase, an enzyme commonly used in self-propelling micromotors. These are traditionally built by coating one half of a ...


Scientists make Antarctic fish antifreeze protein in the lab


A team of scientists from New Zealand and the United States has chemically synthesised an antifreeze protein which helps inhibit ice crystal growth in Antarctic fish. Biological antifreezes are attractive for use in chilled foods because traditional antifreezes, such as ethylene glycol, are ...


LANXESS increases prices for ion exchanger


LANXESS will increase prices for its Lewatit ion exchange resins by three to five percent as of July 1, 2013. The specific adjustment will depend on resin grade and region. The products of the Liquid Purification Technologies business unit play an important role in industrial water treatment, ...


First South American plant for purifying soils contaminated with zinc and cadmium


Scientists from Wageningen (NL) and Lavras (Brazil) have found the first South American plant that can be used for purifying South American soils contaminated with the heavy metals zinc and cadmium. Native plants are strongly preferred over exotic plants for this purpose as they reduce the risk ...


Pall Corporation Opens Office in Saudi Arabia

Company’s Second Office in the Middle East Addresses Growing Demand for Advanced Fluid Management Solutions


Pall Corporation inaugurated a new office in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Located in Al Khobar, the office is Pall’s second in the Middle East. Pall opened its regional headquarters in Dubai (UAE) in October of 2010. The company has operated in the region since 2003. “The needs of our ...


Air Products to Rebuild Nitric Acid Purification Facility in Pueblo, Colorado


Air Products announced it will begin rebuilding its nitric acid purification facility in Pueblo, Colo. The upgrade is a result of an accident that damaged the facility earlier this year. "This investment in the facility upgrade reaffirms our commitment to the high purity process chemicals ...


Millipore and MWG-Biotech sign co-marketing agreement to offer integrated solutions to the genomics researcher

Montage Life Science Kits and Automated Biosystems


Millipore Corporation (NYSE:MIL) and MWG-Biotech (NEMAX:NWU) announced today a non-exclusive agreement in which MWG-Biotech will market Millipore’s new Montage Life Science Kits in conjunction with MWG-Biotech’s Automated Biosystems for several genomics sample preparation applications in ...


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