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New microchip technology performs 1,000 chemical reactions at once

Technique may accelerate drug discovery for cancer, other diseases


Flasks, beakers and hot plates may soon be a thing of the past in chemistry labs. Instead of handling a few experiments on a bench top, scientists may simply pop a microchip into a computer and instantly run thousands of chemical reactions, with results - literally shrinking the lab down to the ...


Toxin detection as close as an inkjet printer


If that office inkjet printer has become just another fixture, it's time to take a fresh look at it. Similar technology may soon be used to develop paper-based biosensors that can detect certain harmful toxins that can cause food poisoning or be used as bioterrorism agents. In a paper published ...


Singapore scientists synthesize gold to shed light on cells' inner workings


Highly fluorescent gold nanoclusters for sub-cellular imaging have been synthesized by researchers at the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (IBN), one of the research institutes of Singapore's A*STAR (Agency for Science, Technology and Research). Measuring less than 1 nanometer in ...


Ruthenium in a clinch

Selectively and under mild conditions: Primary amines from alcohols and ammonia with a ruthenium catalyst


Amines are needed for the production of pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, agrochemicals, plastics, dyes, pigments, and additives. Most important are compounds with a terminal amino group (–NH2), known as primary amines. However, the selective synthesis of primary amines remains a challenge. David ...


WeylChem to Produce Grignard Reagents On An Industrial Scale

Custom Chemical Manufacturing Company Diversifies To Include Functional Products


WeylChem announced its intention to produce reagents on an industrial scale for major manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and poly-functionalized products. A complete series of Grignard type reagents will be produced at the company's Elgin, South Carolina facility. The scale-up in ...


Thermo Fisher Scientific Acquires Affinity BioReagents

Broad Range of Antibody Products Expands Thermo Fisher's Protein-Research Offering


Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. announced that it has acquired Affinity BioReagents, provider of antibodies, peptides, proteins and other reagents for life science research, based in Golden, Colorado. "Affinity BioReagents is an ideal complement to our existing capabilities in protein research," ...


Dolomite's Microfluidics Technology Enables Nanoparticle Synthesis


Dolomite have announced that they have been working with Newcastle University as part of a project to explore the application of microfluidics for the synthesis of nanoparticles for use in biochemistry. Microfluidics, often called lab-on-a-chip, is a new field of science and engineering that ...


Researchers mimic bacteria to produce magnetic nanoparticles

Interdisciplinary Ames Laboratory team uses bioinspired approach


When it comes to designing something, it's hard to find a better source of inspiration than Mother Nature. Using that principle, a diverse, interdisciplinary group of researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy's Ames Laboratory is mimicking bacteria to synthesize magnetic nanoparticles that ...


Special Materials Company starts new Phosphines Unit


Special Materials Company (SMC) reports the successful startup of its new commercial scale alkyl phosphines unit at its Changshu New Tech JV factory in Changshu, Jiangsu Province China. SMC's investment in the specialized APT (Advanced Phosphine Technology) shall bring a new reliable supply of ...


Invitrogen Corporation Announces Strategic Collaboration with Tecan

Partnership provides integrated instrumentation and reagent solutions


Invitrogen Corporation and Tecan are entering into a collaboration agreement to validate the compatibility of Invitrogen's reagents with Tecan's microplate detection instruments. Invitrogen's drug discovery products will be validated on selected Tecan microplate readers and instruments, starting ...


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