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Researchers develop new method for X-ray colour imaging

Colour images from the shadow of a sample


A research team at the University of Göttingen has developed a new method to produce X-ray images in colour. In the past, the only way to determine the chemical composition of a sample and the position of its components using X-ray fluorescence analysis was to focus the X-rays and scan the whole ...


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Atoms of a glass jump similarly to cosmic particles

X-ray experiment shows possible novel route for tailoring properties of glasses: “The story appears to be getting more interesting”


For thousands of years, people around the world have experimented with different ways to make glasses with varying properties by heating them until they melt then cooling them again. A team led by scientists at the University of Padua in Italy have used DESY’s PETRA III X-ray light source to ...


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X-rays reveal elusive chemistry for better EV batteries

High energy x-rays to investigate the solid-electrolyte interphase, a chemical layer in batteries that's key to stabilizing lithium metal anodes


Researchers around the world are on a mission to relieve a bottleneck in the clean energy revolution:batteries. From electric vehicles to renewable grid-scale energy storage, batteries are at the heart of society’s most crucial green innovations—but they need to pack more energy to make these ...


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High-speed imaging of microchips

Novel method enables fast X-ray scans of large objects with nanometre resolution


A new method speeds up X-ray imaging of extended samples like microchips. The innovative technique makes it possible to study relatively large objects to nanometre fine details in a reasonable amount of time. That is not only interesting to science but also to industry, as the developer team led ...


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Using X-rays to identify liquid chiral molecules

New method can for the first time distinguish their components in liquid form – and more effectively than ever before


Sugars, amino acids, drugs - chiral molecules are everywhere. Researchers in the AQUACHIRAL project at the Fritz-Haber-Institut have used X-rays to study hair-thin liquid jets of these molecules. Using a new method, they can now for the first time distinguish their components in liquid form – and ...


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Non-destructive 3D elemental analysis

Researchers use muonic x-rays to find elemental makeup of samples without damaging them


By combining technologies originally designed for high-energy particle accelerators and astronomy observations, researchers can now for the first time analyze the elemental makeup of samples without damaging them, which could be useful for researchers working in other fields such as archaeology, ...


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Novel X-ray lens facilitates glimpse into the nanoworld

Together with spin-off XRnanotech, PSI plans to market the new lens


PSI scientists have developed a ground-breaking achromatic lens for X-rays. This allows the X-ray beams to be accurately focused on a single point even if they have different wavelengths. The new lens will make it much easier to study nanostructures using X-rays, according to a paper just ...


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Surprising semiconductor properties revealed with innovative new method

Discovery reveals role of oxygen impurities in semiconductor properties


A research team probing the properties of a semiconductor combined with a novel thin oxide film have observed a surprising new source of conductivity from oxygen atoms trapped inside. Scott Chambers, a materials scientist at the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, ...


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Tailor-made X-rays for research and development

Start-up expansion with funding from IFB Hamburg


The high-tech Spin-Off TXproducts, founded in April 2021 on the DESY campus in Hamburg, will receive funding from Investitions- und Förderbank Hamburg (ifb). TX stands for "Tailored X-Ray", and the company develops solutions for customizing synchrotron X-rays beams for experiments at large-scale ...


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Soft X-ray method promises nanocarrier breakthroughs

Before the huge potential of tiny nanocarriers for highly targeted drug delivery and environmental clean-up can be realized, scientists first need to be able to see them


Currently researchers have to rely on attaching fluorescent dyes or heavy metals to label parts of organic nanocarrier structures for investigation, often changing them in the process. A new technique using chemically-sensitive "soft" X-rays offers a simpler, non-disruptive way of gaining insight ...


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