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Organic Synthesis

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ChiroBlock GmbH, Germany

Contract research on chemical syntheses and research chemicals. Since 1999 we have been a reliable partner of research departments serving the life-scinece industries and companies engaged in cosmetics, new materials, sensors - with a demand for new molecules and exclusively developed synthesis rout more

CEM GmbH, Germany

CEM is the leading provider of microwave solutions for the laboratory, industrial and scientific marketplace. Since creating this market 20 years ago, we have sold almost 20,000 systems. Despite this obvious success, we believe microwave chemistry is still an emerging technology and presents tremend more

Products Organic Synthesis

Improve Your Strategy for the Design of New Molecules

This tool for full-text reviews of organic transformations and experimental procedures helps improve your strategy for the design of new molecules more

Catalogs Organic Synthesis

Quality Chemicals and Expert Support from Research to Production

Explore our broad range of chemicals for every stage of product development, and see how you can benefit from our technical and regulatory expertise more

Biocatalysts and specialty Chemicals

Enzymicals’` portfolio offers divers enzyme classes, incl screening kits and application examples, as well as chemo-enzymatic produced chemicals more

News Organic Synthesis

  • Inhoffen Medal 2019 awarded to specialist for synthetic organic chemistry

    Medically relevant compounds can often be found in nature. To make them suitable for drugs, they need to be isolated from their natural sources. If sufficient quantities of the agent cannot be isolated in that manner, chemical synthesis comes into play. Without chemical synthesis, many agents were n more

  • How to free the trapped radicals from the carboxyl?

    The removal of carboxyl groups and the release of alkyl radical fragments from the tight binding of carboxyl groups are one of the most interesting and promising directions in organic synthesis, especially in the field of new drug synthesis. Scientists around the world designed various catalysts try more

  • Simplified synthesis

    For the first time researchers discovered a simple and highly efficient way to produce certain kinds of organic compounds. The team from the Department of Chemistry at the University of Tokyo report their new method - which uses a novel iron catalyst - can not only simplify organic synthesis but wou more

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Videos Organic Synthesis

Improve Your Strategy for the Design of New Molecules

Science of Synthesis is your one-stop tool for full-text reviews of organic transformations and experimental procedures. The online reference work helps speed up your literature research and improve your strategy for the design of new molecules. Science of Synthesis provides a critical review of the more

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Infographics Organic Synthesis

Emil Erlenmeyer and the Erlenmeyer Flask

Whether you know it as an Erlenmeyer flask, conical flask, or by some other name, it’s a piece of glassware most of us, chemists or not, have likely used at some point. The Erlenmeyer flask is the most stereotypical piece of chemistry glassware there is, and today marks its creator’s birthday. Emil  more

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Market studies Organic Synthesis

  • Production and Market of Ethanolamine in China

    China’s ethanolamine industry has changed much in the past three years, especially in 2011. As the second largest producer and consumer of ethanolamine in the world, China will play a more important role in global market. Attracted by growing demand in domestic market, more enterprises are engaged more

  • Oltchim SA (OLT) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review

    Oltchim SA (Oltchim) is one of the leading Romania-based petrochemical manufacturers. The company is engaged in the manufacturing of petrochemicals, chlor-alkali, technical and construction materials. Its products are categorized into three categories, namely, inorganic products, macromolecular prod more

  • Toyo Gosei Co., Ltd. (4970) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review

    Toyo Gosei Co., Ltd (Toyo Gosei) is engaged in the manufacture and sale of photosensitive materials in photolithography, organic chemicals and solvents, materials for electronic display units, materials for batteries and electrical double layer condensers, Photosencitive material to be applicable im more

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Authors Organic Synthesis

  • Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Püttmann

    Wilhelm Püttmann studied chemistry at RWTH Aachen and the University of Cologne. He received his doctorate in organic synthesis under Professor Emanuel Vogel in Cologne in 1980. Following two years of postdoctoral work, he moved to the field of geochemical analysis, assuming the leadership of lab an more


Organic synthesis

Organic synthesis Organic synthesis is a special branch of chemical synthesis and is concerned with the construction of organic compound s via organic reaction s. Organic molecules can often contain a higher level of complexity compared to pur ... more


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