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Photochemical Reaction

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  • What happens when you explode a chemical bond?

    On bright summer days, the sunlight all around us is breaking bad by breaking bonds. Chemical bonds. Ultraviolet light shatters the links between atoms in the DNA of our skin cells, potentially causing cancer. UV light also breaks oxygen bonds, eventually creating ozone, and cleaves hydrogen off oth more

  • Photochemical deracemization of chiral compounds achieved

    Enantiomeric molecules resemble each other like right and left hands. Both variants normally arise in chemical reactions. But frequently only one of the two forms is effectual in biology and medicine. Hitherto, completely converting this mixture into the desired enantiomer was deemed impossible. Dep more

  • 'Molecular movie' captures chemical reaction on atomic scale

    A team of physicists from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Stanford University and Europe has captured the clearest glimpse yet of a photochemical reaction - the type of light-fueled molecular transformations responsible for photosynthesis, vision and the ozone layer. The researchers precisely re more

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  • Calculating VOCs: Not all Low-VOCs Are Considered Equal

    Like most coatings, paints, and maintenance products, water repellents are expected to comply with increasingly stringent regulations of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), which are any volatile carbon compounds that engage in atmospheric photochemica more

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Photochemical reaction

Photochemical reaction A photochemical reaction is a chemical reaction which is induced by light . Examples of photochemical organic reactions are electrocyclic reaction s, photoisomerization and Norrish reaction s. The basic requirements ... more


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