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Handheld Oxygen Meter with Long-Term Logging and Large Choice of O2 Sensors

Amazingly Compact O2 Meter for Temperature-Compensated Oxygen Measurements in the Field and the Lab

The compact handheld oxygen meter FireSting-GO2 from PyroScience is designed for stand-alone operation with an oxygen and a temperature channel for temperature-compensated oxygen measurements in gas, water and aqueous samples.

The pocket O2 meter FireSting-GO2 comes with

  • integrated rechargeable battery,
  • high-contrast display with intuitive LCD user interface,
  • huge data memory,
  • versatile long-term logging features (up to >1 year without recharging) and
  • integrated sensors for relative humidity of the ambient air and atmospheric pressure enabling precise sensor calibration and automatic pressure compensation of the oxygen measurements.

The FireSting-GO2 Oxygen Meter is based on unique optical REDFLASH detection technology and is compatible with a large spectrum of different oxygen sensor types. These include various fiber-optic micro- and minisensors, robust probes, as well as diverse smart sensors, which can be read out contactless through the transparent walls of closed sample vials. For samples containing specific organic solvents and solvent mixtures, PyroScience offers special solvent-resistant fiber-optic oxygen probes for the FireSting-GO2 oxygen meter.

Together, these innovative and versatile O2 sensor systems are ideally suitable for a large application spectrum in biotechnology, microbiology, life sciences, bioprocess engineering and environmental monitoring.

  • oxygen measurement

  • microbiology

  • Life Sciences

  • biotechnology

  • environmental monitoring

  • bioprocess engineering

  • optical oxygen measurements

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