Mass flow controllers:

EL-FLOW Prestige

Flexible, Precise Gas Dosing for Your Process

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EL-FLOW Prestige Mass Flow Controllers
EL-FLOW Prestige Mass Flow Controllers

Experience the advantages of our EL-FLOW Prestige MFC

If you are looking to improve your process yield while reducing cost of ownership, the EL-FLOW® Prestige Mass Flow Controller is the best instrument for you.

The majority of our customers appreciate the following benefits the most:

  • Fast acting control valves quickly respond to process changes resulting in excellent yield
  • Multi-Gas Multi-Range functionality which offers reduced cost of ownership: 100 pre-installed gases for easy re-ranging MFCs in your process line, saving both inventory and process down-time
  • The availability of various fieldbus options and customizable I/O configurations making our MFCs easily adaptable to your process
  • High accuracy and stability due to active temperature compensation
  • Free easy-to-use configuration software
  • Flow rates up to 100 liters per minute
  • Pressure compensation : an integrated pressure sensor (option) or a 4…20 mA external pressure sensor input compensates for changes in upstream pressure, maintaining accuracy and stability.

EL-FLOW® Prestige Mass Flow Meters and Controllers are now available up to 100 ln/min !

EL-FLOW Prestige Mass Flow Controllers


EL-FLOW Prestige Mass Flow Controllers

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