Humidity analysers: Moisture analyzer

Measure moisture content in real time - with this moisture analyser your QA gains valuable time

Mettler-Toledo GmbH

Moisture analyzer without thermal effects on the load cell

Moisture analysis with real-time drying curves

Ideal for regulated industries

A unique moisture analyzer that eliminates thermal effects on the load cell

Wherever the moisture content determines productivity, the Excellence Moisture Analyzers HX204 and HS153 from METTLER TOLEDO are the perfect choice. Short measuring times and powerful real-time graphics combined with robustness and user-friendliness make these instruments the ideal solution for all those who want to optimise processes in the laboratory or in production.
Separate the balance from the heat: best measurement results thanks to suspended weighing pan

In conventional moisture analysers, the load cell is located under a radiator and is therefore exposed to strong temperature influences - a constellation which is extremely unfavourable for exact weighing. In contrast, the unique suspended weighing pan of the Excellence Moisture Analyzer separates the load cell spatially from the heat of the sample chamber. This eliminates negative thermal effects on the load cell and improves measurement results. In addition, the flat and sealed surfaces underneath the weighing pan can be easily cleaned. Spilled samples can no longer block the load cell.

Thanks to real-time drying curves and control graphs, you can intervene in the process at any time

The production of chemicals, drugs/food and many other products requires regular checks of the moisture content to ensure full process control. A quick evaluation of the measurement results is essential here. For this purpose, control limits can be set with good/bad limits for each product. Integrated control graphics show the course of the moisture content in real-time directly on the display. Each measurement is graphically displayed as a drying curve and can be called up at the touch of a button.

You can rely on this: Guaranteed safety for regulated industries

The HX204 Excellence Moisture Analyzer meets strict requirements in the fields of research, quality control and production. A resolution of 0.001% moisture and the excellent repeatability of the HX204 are ideal for applications that require very high measurement accuracy. Advanced safety features ensure systematic instrument verification and always correct results. The HX204 Moisture Analyzer is ideal for use in highly regulated industries.


  • Aluminium sample trays
  • Glass fibre filter
  • HX/HS Certified temperature adjustment
  • SmartCal™ reference substance for simple specification test in only 10 m





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Humidity analysers: Moisture analyzer

Measure moisture content in real time - with this moisture analyser your QA gains valuable time