Kjeldahl: Fully Automated Distillation, Titration and Evaluation

The Top 3 Advantages

Efficient: Fully automated and process-optimized Kjeldahl analysis


Highly precise: Its microdosing pump and software outperform burettes


Standards-compliant: Automatic logging and standardized data management

Steam Distillation and Precise Kjeldahl Analysis for the High-Throughput Lab

Both nitrogen determination according to Kjeldahl and steam distillation of volatile substances are standard methods in high-throughput laboratories. Use VAPODEST 500 and 500 C to increase productivity, analytical accuracy and work safety in your lab. Benefit from its robust construction principle, designed for continuous operation and use in high-throughput laboratories. You can easily integrate its network-compatible data and process management into your daily routines.

Benefit from 130 years of experience in constructing equipment for Kjeldahl analysis. At C. Gerhardt you will find the Kjeldahl solution you need, whether it is a classical apparatus for the smallest of quantities or a fully automated system such as the VAPODEST 500 C.

Combine VAPODEST 500 or 500 C and KJELDATHERM KT-L20s for the most powerful complete solution on the market for Kjeldahl digestion and analysis. Let the next delivery of samples come.

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