Perform like a PRO in elemental analysis and experience simplicity, robustness and speed in ICP-OES

The Top 3 Advantages

Analyze even the most challenging sample matrices using a new and optimized vertical torch design


Achieve effective interference separation with high-resolution optics and an all new CID detector


Rapid instrument start-up and fast analysis times increase productivity

Fast, powerful performance combined with easy-to-use technology and software

Routine laboratories analyzing for trace elements are ever more committed to reducing cost per sample by decreasing method runtimes and looking for best-in-class robustness.

The Thermo Scientific™ iCAP™ PRO Series ICP-OES combines powerful multi-element capability with flexibility so your lab is ready for any challenge. A series of different models is available to fulfill the needs of every laboratory seeking for a new level in elemental analysis.

This completely new generation of ICP-OES instruments will help you to produce consistent, reliable data quickly and easily. Experience enhanced sample throughput, matrix tolerance and flexibility to tackle any sample type that may enter your laboratory.

Routine analysis is simplified by automated method development features within the easy to learn and workflow driven, cross platform Qtegra ISDS Software. The software further enhances the productivity by allowing direct control over accessories such as valve systems and autodilution systems using dedicated software plug-ins.

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