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Nexera UC by Shimadzu

Fast and resource-saving liquid chromatography with SFC

New possibilities in liquid chromatography and reduced CO2 foodprint

Time savings thanks to faster separation times compared to conventional HPLC ✓ More data security and sample information thanks to sharper peaks in the chromatogram ✓ Resource-saving technology thanks to lower CO2 emissions compared to conventional HPLC ✓...

chiral separation chromatography HPLC +7
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Nexera XS inert by Shimadzu

Reproducible and highly detectable chromatography for biomolecules

More reliability and clarity for your chromatography

High data quality and sensitivity due to steel-free materials in the UHPLC flow line ✓ More data reliability, more sample information and less sample loss due to sharper peaks ✓ Reliable reproducibility from the first injection without adsorption of the analytes ✓...

antibody analysis bioanalysis biomolecule analysis +8
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Multiwave 7000 by Anton Paar

Digestion in a single run - without method development

High-pressure microwave digestion: Easy digestion of complex samples.

Space-saving: cooling, fume suction and touch screen integrated ✓ User-friendly thanks to automation and intuitive software ✓ Versatile...

acid digestion digestion digestion systems +6
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Arc Premier by Waters

A universal platform for liquid chromatography

Sharper peaks for metal-sensitive compounds. Accurate, reliable, and reproducible data.

Faster, more reproducible, and accurate data integration with challenging molecules ✓ Shorter time from sample to result, without conditioning ✓ Improved compliance from higher quality data ✓...

HPLC hydrophilic interaction chromatography ion-exchange chromatography +6
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iCAP PRO Series ICP-OES by Thermo Fisher Scientific

Perform like a PRO in elemental analysis and experience simplicity, robustness and speed in ICP-OES

Fast, powerful performance combined with easy-to-use technology and software

The Thermo Scientific™ iCAP™ PRO Series ICP-OES combines powerful multi-element capability with flexibility so your lab is ready for any challenge....

elemental analysis ICP-OES spectrometer inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry +4
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