Purer than pure: Make your ultra pure acids yourself – for trace analyses you can trust

The Top 3 Advantages

To the point: Ultra pure acids prepared on-demand with just a single touch


Safe: Automatic cleaning and loading without having to open the instrument


Placeable outside the fume hood: Multiple insulation for energy efficiency & top user protection

Sub-boiling systems for distillation and evaporation save up to 90% of trace analysis costs

In the ultra-trace range of less than 1 ppm, even the smallest of impurities will falsify your analysis result. Ultra pure solvents and residue-free vessels are therefore a must. The subPUR, duoPUR, subCLEAN AC and traceCLEAN sub-boiling distillation systems let you prepare solvents and reaction vessels easily for ultra-trace analysis. Ensuring safe operation even with aggressive solvents, all systems can be filled and cleaned automatically without needing to open the distillation instrument. Built-in safety switches sever the power supply if overheating occurs. The multi-insulated housing of the subCLEAN AC instrument allows it to be installed outside the fume hood, saving valuable space inside. Thanks to its PTFE housing, you can even distill hydrofluoric acid (HF) with ease. traceCLEAN makes sure your instrument is residue-free by steaming out your reaction vessels with distilled acid, ensuring you get trace analysis results you can trust.

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