Expanded Process Understanding with In Situ Raman Spectroscopy

The Top 3 Advantages

Compact Performance: ReactRaman combines best in class performance with a flexible design


Fast, Accurate Results: Precise and sensitive spectra that can be easily converted to results


Integrated Platform: ReactRaman is part of an integrated family of products, which includes ReactIR & Eas

Understanding of Kinetics and Crystallization and Optimization of Reaction Variables

ReactRaman from METTLER TOLEDO is a probe-based, Raman spectroscopy instrument that can monitor crystallization processes, and reveal reaction mechanisms and kinetics in single or multiphase systems. A compact base unit with a high-performance spectrometer and sampling technology is coupled with the next generation iC Raman 7 software. This powerful combination means that accurate results can be obtained and converted quickly into the evidence scientists need to make informed decisions.

ReactRaman with iC Raman 7 was designed by spectroscopy experts to make it simple for scientists to acquire high-quality data and meaningful results. One global service and support team is committed to ensuring scientists can solve challenging chemistry problems using this reliable and high-performance instrument.

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