Metal-free Acid Purification System for Laboratories

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Ultra-pure acid for the daily need


Cost savings


Less contaminations

Produce ultra-pure acid from less expensive acid

The use of highly pure acids is elementary and indispensable in ultra-trace analysis. However, the acquisition of ultrapure acids is often associated with high costs. With the APS-2000 acid purification system, you can easily produce ultra-pure acids in ppt quality (< 10 ppt) from less expensive acids of lower purity in the lab. In addition to cost savings, this has the advantage that the risk of contamination is reduced, since multiple withdrawals from large storage bottles are no longer necessary.

The APS-2000 is metal-free and suitable for common acids such as HNO3 and HCl as well as for cleaning HF and H2O. All wetted parts of the system are made of high purity perfluoroalkoxy polymer (PFA). The system works with a temperature-controlled heating plate and cleans according to the subboiling principle, i.e. the acid to be cleaned is gently heated below the boiling point. This produces ultra-pure acid vapour which condenses on the extra large vessel surface of the evaporation vessel. The resulting distillate is the ultra-pure acid. The impurities remain in the evaporation container ("sump").

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