Mixing and Degassing in one step with vacuum support

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Reproducible - the mixing process is program-controlled and eliminates errors


Swift - typical cycle times of 5 minutes or less


Durable - mechanical gears for maximum durability and low wearout

Adhesives, Sealing Compounds, Silicones, Resins, Electrode Slurries, Paints/Varnishes, Dispersions

A planetary centrifugal mixer mixes and degasses a paste with other liquids or powders in an open or closed container only by movement. The revolution movement kneads and degasses the sample - if necessary supported by vacuum - the simultaneous rotation ensures circulation and thus mixing.

The THINKY ARV-501 represents a new intermediate size of non-contact vacuum planetary centrifugal mixers and is ideal for applications where the ARV-310P is too small or upscaling is desired. It uses a cup holder with mechanical counterweight adjustment for gross weights of 100-700 g. Operation is done via touch screen. 20 memory slots can be assigned with programs consisting of up to 10 steps. The standard RS232C interface allows control and/or batch reporting for quality management.

An exclusive feature is the defoaming mode - an additional transmission with increased centrifugal speed and greatly reduced self-rotation. It is particularly useful when a temperature-sensitive substance is to be degassed or low boiling substances restrict the use of vacuum.

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