Fast and easy determination of the oxidation stability with the RapidOxy 100 and RapidOxy 100 Fuel

The Top 3 Advantages

No sample preparation


Only 5 ml or 4 g of sample needed


No other chemicals needed

Intuitive stand-alone-instrument with high sample throughput and small sample amount

The unique oxidation stability tester accelerates the oxidation process by increasing the temperature and using an excess of pure oxygen.

RapidOxy 100 is particularly suitable for determining the oxidation stability of vegetable oils and animal fats (e.g. margarine, butter, edible oils), foods (e.g. mayonnaise, sauce, cream, cheese, biscuits), cosmetics (lip balm, hand cream, body lotion, etc.), flavors and fragrances. The oxidation stability of lubricating oils can be determined at two different temperatures according to ASTM D8206.

RapidOxy 100 Fuel allows you to determine the oxidation stability of spark ignition fuels and all kinds of diesel fuels ranging from pure diesel (B0) and diesel with FAME/blends (B1-B99) to pure biodiesel (B100) according to the standard methods ASTM D7525, ASTM D7545 and EN 16091.

As only 5 mL or 4 g of the sample are required, the RapidOxy 100 and RapidOxy 100 Fuel are ideal for testing expensive antioxidants.

  • fuel analysis

  • antioxidant analysis

  • quality control

  • storage stability measurement

  • shelf life determination

  • oxidation stability testers

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