Anhydrous solvents from CARLO ERBA Reagents in a clever redesign

The Top 3 Advantages

High-quality and low-moisture products with every application


Double-layered inner septa with 3 large puncture areas


Better handling thanks to the innovative closure design

ERBAdry series impresses with the latest generation of septa and sealing caps

CARLO ERBA Reagents anhydrous solvents are now available with a new generation of septa and sealing caps. With their redesign, these not only ensure better grip, but also offer protection against moisture absorption and thus ensure a long-lasting and higher product quality.

The newly developed closures are ideal for aggressive solvents and reduce moisture absorption and the risk of contamination. The new ERBAdry® series is available in 100 ml and 1 l bottles, with the amber glass used providing additional protection against UV rays.

The inner septa are double-layered and available in two variations. The two septa are each made from a polymer blend of PTFE with either butyl rubber or bromobutyl. They retain their shape and form an excellent reseal of the septum surface after puncture. With three large areas, multiple piercing of the septum is supported and the risk of contamination is further minimized.

The first anhydrous solvents including methanol, acetonitrile, diethyl ether and chloroform are already available with the new flip-top caps and septa.

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