FT-IR and IR laser imaging (QCL) microscope for research and development

The Top 3 Advantages

Diffraction limited high sensitivity (FT-)IR microscopy and imaging at maximum speed


Infrared laser imaging in all measurement modes (ATR, Transmission, Reflectance)


Coherence reduction for artifact free Laser Imaging measurements without sensitivity or speed loss

Analyze macroscopic samples with microscopic resolution (5 µm) in seconds

Hardly any of our IR microscopes embody our users like the HYPERION II: flexible, precise, configurable, adaptable, and always at the limit of what is possible.It has all the features you require in your daily routine: liquid nitrogen and thermoelectrically cooled MCTs, focal plane array imaging detectors, visual and infrared enhancement tools, and of course an abundance of dedicated accessories. But our biggest innovation lies within the combination of two complementary infrared technologies. For the first time ever, users have access to an IR microscope that combines FT-IR and QCL technology in one instrument. With this, we are opening a new door to life science and material research. Collect an FT-IR spectrum, select the wavelengths you want to investigate using QCL and create stunning chemical images in a matter of seconds. With this completely new approach of FT-IR and infrared laser imaging, we finally give users, researchers, and scientists a tool to develop new applications, but also to improve established and proven approaches.

  • Material research

  • polymers

  • semiconductors

  • research and development

  • FT-IR microscopes

  • microscopes

  • imaging microscope

  • ir laser microscope

  • ir microscope

  • qcl microscope

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