Mass Flow Control Redefined

The Top 3 Advantages

Multi-parameter measurement: flow, temperature, and pressure in one instrument


Superior accuracy through onboard gas database and real time conversion


Adaptable to many applications through wide dynamic range of measurement and control

Compact Multifunctional Mass Flow Meters/Controllers for Gases

The new FLEXI-FLOW by Bronkhorst combines the advantages of a unique through-chip-sensor with proven by-pass technology. The compact thermal mass flow meters and controllers are 35% smaller than traditional instruments, the smallest on the market for flow ranges up to 20 ln/min. Due to the new sensor technique, the instruments feature very stable flow control, but also very fast control, with settling times smaller than 150 ms. FLEXI-FLOW instruments have integrated temperature and pressure sensors and an on-board gas database for highest accuracy, even at varying process conditions. With this new technology, the instruments are adaptable to many applications through their wide dynamic flow ranges (up to 1:1000). The temperature and pressure signals may provide the user with information about the actual process conditions. So in fact, FLEXI-FLOW is more than just a flow meter or controller; it’s a multi-parameter measurement/control device.

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