Efficiently manage enzyme assays and measuring conditions for consistent and reliable performance

The Top 3 Advantages

Precise temperature control and accurate incubation time in seconds eliminates manual errors


Up to 350 tests per hour for a true walk-away solution, fully traceable and audit trailed


Many enzymes, many substratesm many methods – all on a single instrument

Automate enzyme activity, enzyme assay and enzyme kinetics - Measure up to 350 samples per hour

Measuring enzyme parameters using UV-VIS spectrophotometry can be slow-going. Why settle for low-throughput when you can accelerate speed through automation?

With the Thermo Scientific Gallery Enzyme Master discrete enzyme analyzer, samples are simultaneously prepared and waiting in the queue—delivering results one after another. With custom designed software, all reagent additions, incubations, and measurements are fully automated, which saves time, eliminates manual error, and improves method robustness.

Method development starts with identifying the key method variables through design of experiment (DoE), which requires many sets of samples to be tested for enzyme activities. Flexible method parameters for each enzyme type: measuring wavelength, blank measurement, buffer addition, reagents additions, substrate addition, enzyme specific incubation temperature, enzyme specific incubation time and data collection duration all make the enzyme assay method development and method transfer simpler and reliable from research and development (R&D) to QA/QC labs. 

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