The new intuitive software for your spectra search - SpectraGenius

The Top 3 Advantages

SpectraGenius reads over 60 different spectra formats


Fast search algorithms & many useful visualization tools


Interactive spectra editing functions for single and multiple spectra

Easy to use, fast & reliable - SpectraGenius is the new go-to software for substance identification

SpectraGenius reads over 60 different spectra formats – This is ideal for laboratories that work with optical spectrometers from different manufacturers wanting to process spectra in various file formats with one software. Fast search algorithms let you search efficiently for text information, peaks and, of course, spectra: You can search in spectra databases or also in your personal spectra collection. With the many useful visualization tools you can arrange and display your spectra exactly as you want to. You can edit one or more spectra at the same time and preview results instantly as you change the parameters. To save time when processing many spectra, you can easily set up batch processing! Easy & straightforward report generation in PDF, ASCII, DOC, HTML or XLS format.

The licenses for SpectraGenius are permanent! No Subscription fees for our SpectraGenius software nor for our spectra databases, so your costs are & will stay predictable and transparent. Experience SpectraGenius now with a free 30-day demo version of SpectraGenius with free spectra!

  • failure analysis

  • material identification

  • spectroscopy

  • substance identification

  • Forensic

  • Composition Investigation

  • Microplastics Analysis

  • Multilayer Analysis

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